Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random boys keep messaging me on Facebook, lol

This is my 100th post. 

I had actually turned my computer off, but turned it back on to blog a little. Just a hodgepodge of stuff, really. 

Today was such a good, good day. It was like the first real day of summer. I love how my work schedule worked out...I work 4 full days a week and have 3 off. 2 during the week, and of course Sunday. It's giving me hours but some downtime too. Today was my first day off when I really had nothing to do. I spent the night with Beka last night, who will be my rommate at bama. Today, we and another friend, Darcy, hung out by the pool all.day.long. Okay, well for like 5 hours. But that's a long time! It was so much fun! There was a Pink cd in the cd player (Did I tell you I'm pretty much obssessed with Pink these days? I bought her cd the other day after I listened to her new song on the radio and I was like, "I have to have it." So I got it and have been listening to it nonstop, and considering Darcy or Beka one are usually in the car with me, they have too. We're going to a Pink concert. But, I digress inside my parenthesis, as usual). There was SO MUCH SUN! It was yummmmy. I lvoe the sun. Not the heat, but the sun. I lvoe feeling it on me. I could lay out there for hours (in fact, I do.) I usually do sunscreen though, but I am pathetically pale and so I only put it on my face today and I got the perfect tan/sunburn. Mmmmm! I'll be tanner tomorrow. I love it. And, there was a pool. I tried laying out in my backyard the other day, but the humidity was just too much with the heat. I almost had a heatstroke. The pool improved things A LOT! And I had some of my best friends chilling with me. And we sang and swam and soaked up the sun. Then, we went to Sonic and got a blue powerade slush. Yum! Those things are my favorite. And, I got a pair of flip flops for ten bucks! Then, I got a free brownie. Life.doesn't.get.better. I mean, it might but I'll be just fine if it doesn't. Actually, my car broke down last night, and is now sitting somewhere, undriveable. So I am relying on others to drive me around, but I'm seeing that I have a lot of people who will sacrifice for me, and I'm not going to get all hung up on those who won't or can't or whatever. 

Then, I just hung out at home tonight. I haven't been home in several days, and Chris and Lori aren't saying anything, but I don't want to push my luck. I don't know how much "I just graduated high school, and I'm 18 and going to college" will cover me, since I am still living here for 2 more months. So I staye dhome. A few minutes ago I looked aorund and realized in horror the chaotic state of my room. I used to be a neat freak, but with my job and social life, it's safe to say I grew out of that, but I'm not a slob. There's not clothes all over the floor or anything, it's jsut a small room and gets cluttered. Right now, there's a huge box in the middle of it because Callie got me this comforter for graduation, and it came in it. I also had a few gift bags sitting around with graduation presents in them.  So, momentary freak out. I cleaned up really quickly and then made a ton of noise trying to put the comofrter back in it's lovely, convenient little zip-up bag, as opposed to being just open in the box. I would rather nothing get spilled on it. Then, I continued messing with the box and making mroe noise until I had the graduation presents and comforter inside, which wasnt a small task because I was trying to be quiet. But I failed. Anyway, said graduation box is still sitting there, but the clutter is combined. I am thinking I will save the box because it will be a good moving box. So it will probably sit there for another two months, until I go.

Speaking of going, I'm getting exciting. Our kitchenette has granite countertops...:):):):)

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