Monday, January 11, 2010

Oy vey.

It's Monday morning. Classes start today. Mine in 47 minutes, actually. And I want so badly for this to be a stand-out semester. Last semester gave me everything that I had begged of it: a routine, incredible friends, the ability to find my way around, good feelings that make you warm inside like acceptance and belonging and adoration. I want this semester to be just as wonderful, but in different. I have my friends, I know my way around, I've done this before already. But I don't want the excitement and the luster to wear off of this place. I still want to walk around with appreciation and in awe of how awesome everything here is, of how much I'm learning both in and out of class, of how absolutely positive I am that I should be here. And, I want to maintain my 4.0 and run a half-marathon. Pshhh.

But today- the start! the new beginning! the chance to do whatever you want to do!- had not started off happy or cheerful or thankful or appreciative or awe-inspiring. It has been a curse word, a scowl, a limp. It has been frustration and disappointment. And it's only 9:18. Alright, it hasn't been that bad. I woke up at 5:45 a.m. (before the sun and all that jazz) and went to the gym. We went for cycling class but cycling class was full (Before the sun rises! These people are ridic!) and so I ran a mile and walked a mile and decided day three of training for a half-marathon must be the hardest day. My goal this week was to run a mile each day, and now the soreness of OH MY GOD I DON'T USE THOSE MUSCLES EVER BECAUSE I AM A LAZY FATSO has set in and ow. I came home and napped for an hour, and then went to shower. On this cold, frigid, watch-you-breath-freeze-midair morning, my water refused to get hot and, as a matter of fact, dropped  degrees by the second. Now, I hate a cold shower. I really can't think of anything that gets me angrier than that instant when I start to feel the heat fading and I'm not finished yet. But of all times for this to happen for whatever reason (nobody else was even in the shower!)- Monday morning at 8 a.m. when I've got aching muscles and have a first day of class coming up is NOT THE TIME. So, that got me in a relatively crappy mood, and I shivered through the next ten minutes and then threw on clothes faster than you could say, "Hey, you have a big butt. You should go to the gym."

Here I am, emailing this lady who is telling me I may have to live on campus next year because of my scholarship and that may mean I don't get to live with my best friend, and sure, these are small problems in the big scheme of life but this Monday stinks. I'm hoping the ten o'clock hour offers me something happier.

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