Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday shenanigans

C'est le mardi, oui?

For the record, I have a long history of hating Tuesdays. I've got a whole Tuesday philosophy that I'm sure I've mentioned lots of time, especially on Tuesdays when my philosophy was proving true. My first semester of college, my counselor signed me up for a 2.5 hour evening history class. I knew without a doubt that it was on Tuesday nights before I even looked at my schedule. This semester, I'm in class on Tuesdays from 11-6 without a break. Fitting, right?

So I was recounting my distaste for most things Tuesday to my friend Coston, who was really sharing in it, and then I said, "But good things happen on Tuesdays, too!" And it's so true. I won't go into how today handed me buckets small pea-sized containers of blah (I mean, I won't mention how I lost my Biology book and my favorite yogurt); Instead, I'll tell you some good downright terrific things about today.

  • I woke up before my alarm, and
  • had a DELICIOUS bowl of banana oatmeal and then,
  • knocked out my p90x workout.
  • I was almost late for school but then I WASN'T, and 
  • I made a 100 on my French test!
  • I was able to print off my lab manual (which was in the book I lost),
  • and I finally had the pretzels I've been craving for about a week (+ an iced coffee, YUM!)
  • Lab went smoothly,
  • and we got out early!
  • Dinner with roommates and
  • a great talk with my best friend and
  • making it home in time for Parenthood and
  • French Vanilla pudding.
Top-notch material, right? Absolutely. I mean, no way can I look back at that and remember how I got caught in traffic this morning due to a detour. It was the pudding that made it, of course (and the coffee.) Moreover, I am all finished with tests for a few days and I'm basking in doing things like sitting around and watching t.v. and finishing Harry Potter. Twas a great day, and the rest of the week ain't looking too shabby either: there's attending The Well and the premiere of Grey's Anatomy and the UA v. Arkansas game (stay tuned for details from a hog roast.) 

Tell me what was fantastic about your day, and what you're looking forward to this Wednesday-Sunday. Go!

Just because and such:
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September 2010

Well, they make my days better all the time.

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