Tuesday, March 15, 2011

They're just guidelines, people.

I wish I had something to give to you to make you forgive me for abandoning you.

...but I'm a poor college student. I'm also blaming college for forgetting to blog for the last two months. And for eating sweet potatoes 5 times a week. And for not doing laundry in a month... I could go on and on, but, uh, for the sake of my reputation, I won't ;)

Anyway, it's SPRING BREAK! If you've been around awhile, you'll remember that I love spring break like people love using fat kid-food euphemisms.

(If you're new, I linked "spring break" back to the love letter post about last spring break like a good blogger; good reader guidelines dictate that you should click, but don't feel pressured, those are just guidelines. Oops, I did it again.)

(Also, if you're new, I liked to make bad jokes that probably don't travel well via Internet.)

(Also, I like parenthesis. Ask anyone. Well, not anyone. Actually, don't contact anyone featured on this blog. They might get alarmed. There was no contract or, ahem, obtained permission.)

Let's get going, shall we? There's been two months of AWESOME that you've missed out on. Okay, there's been lots of awesome, but also lots of school, which is why I'm claiming it's okay that I haven't been blogging. Even if I found time between Calculus and Microbiology, it would be boring bits of "I've gotta study," and "I could nap." And also, if you're new, that was a lie. I mean, not the school part. I go to school. But I'm studying journalism. And don't worry, I understand that the Journalism code of honesty isn't a guideline.

February 2011 (<-- where did that go?!)
I actually don't have that many pictures. Nobody wants to take pictures of me on the couch napping studying. I don't know why.

I did help throw Coston and Jessica a birthday party because they are part of the 18 club (I am, too. It's great because there are no membership fees and all you have to do is get born, and I'm great at that.)
Trust me, I tried to say no. Party planning is tough stuff, especially complicated by the stress-inducing fact that we forget to take our trash out. But I couldn't. C'mon LIKE YOU COULD. Look at 'em.
I dunno why all those people talk up the beer. Ice cream and cake is what college is all about.

Even I can't deny that's pretty darn adorable.

In other news...wait, I don't know about much other news. Here's some randoms I scrounged up. Some of them perhaps from that same night because that's when 95% of our documentation for the last two months occurred. Don't hate me.
Oh yeah! We had a snow night! (Don't be fooled: this was NOT followed by a snow day, and I'm still bitter about that, U of A.)
This is to show you our awesomesauce snowman Frankie, whose bottom third stayed around through several 60 degree days after this. 
Oh! I also spent a weekend with my best buds working on a room for our nonprofit organization, Garments of Priase. Bet you've heard about it. If you haven't, please ask me or look forward to a blog post coming soon. What I'm saying with this picture is that Lowe's Home Improvement store aims to suck as much time and money out of you as possible, but I can't hate it. I'm Lindsey Lowe.
This was right before an Alabama basketball game. The point? I LIKE/SUPPORT ALABAMA SPORTS, Gracie. Really. See? Documentation.

Well, THAT was exciting. In case you haven't been stalking my Facebook, you've now got your own update of my life. And because the next five days will consist of me watching 25 House Hunters marathons with breaks to pop popcorn and shower if I feel like because my parents have DVR...wait, what am I saying? I'm saying that there might be more blog posts. But there might not be. I'll have to check the guidelines.

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