Thursday, January 27, 2011

Confession Thursday FTW

1. I know I said I'd NEVER do it, but I wore leggings out of the house at a time when I was not going DIRECTLY TO YOGA AND DO NOT COLLECT $200.
Worth it.

 2. "Totes" is part of my vocabulary. As in, "I totes wore leggings when I dressed up as Cookie Monster for a dance party Friday night."

3. I've had a sweet potato for dinner every single night this week. 

4. I didn't go to class Tuesday because it rained. I just couldn't make myself walk a mile+ in the blustery blowing water when attendance doesn't even count. It doesn't even count. I did make it to yoga class, though.

Not the same thing.

5. I'm actually supposed to be being really productive right now. 

 6. I have an extra-large, ahem, issue on my forehead.  And no. I'm not showing you a picture.
7. I have a message for you this weekend:
These Thursday Confessions are brought to you with the inspiration from Monica.

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