Saturday, January 15, 2011

A case of the yellows

Friends, I've just experienced the most stress-free, care-free, everything-else-that-is-annoying-but-part-of-life-free week that I've had in Tuscaloosa since, well...ever. I've been singing happy tunes and putting skips in my steps and sure, there have been bumps but nothing mountain-like in the least. And that, Internet, is why I've got a case of the blues yellows
Awesome Things about the last 7 days:
  1. Seeing (most of my- Get well soon, Janie!-) roommates again. I forgot how much we go together and wondered all the days long how I'd gotten along so well without them for a month. I am really counting my lucky stars that God ensured a family in both of my homes.  
  2. Magazines in the mail. Seriously, like 5. Sweet bliss.
  3. Reconnecting with my (non-roommate) friends. Per doctor's orders. It was necessary and it was stellar!
      1. circa 2009.
  4. A winter storm. Like I needed any excuses to put on my cozy shoes and sip three cups of tea and read magazines for entire days. But, the fact of the matter was that I couldn't go anywhere even if I wanted to. Which I didn't.
  5. A box of chocolate and chocolate chip banana 3 AM pancakes. What am I supposed to explain about that?
    1. We didn't eat half of each one if that's what you're thinking.
  6. Figuring my schedule out. It was a doozy, but it's all over now.
  7. Realizing I signed up for awesome teachers. It really does make or break a class, obviously. So much so that I wish I'd thought about
  8. Coffee. Well, that's every week, isn't it?
    1. This is months ago and that's decaf, but trust when I say it elicits this response every morning. Which is somewhat miraculous at 7 a.m., you know? 
      I am so not the only one.
  9. $15 sweaters at Old Navy + new warm and cozy boots. It's about time I winterized my life. 
  10. Cleaning out my closet. Coming to terms with the fact that I AM NEVER GONNA WEAR THAT isn't easy, but somebody's gotta do it.
Reasons next week is going to rock, too:
  1. Janie comes home! (Gonna be) reunited and it (will) feel(s) so good! Plus, then we can sing, "The gangs all here." (Jane, you're the only thing that got an exclamation point out of me.)
  2. MLK Day. I care about this for lots of reasons, but I'm not gonna lie. I'm pumped about getting out of school. Oh, are, too.
  3. Yoga. Tuesday, I get to take a 50 minute Fitness Yoga class for credit. I feel like I seriously beat the system here. Plus it's yoga with Ginny. 
  4. Roommate Christmas. Nothing like a belated Christmas celebration to fend off those mid-January blues, aye?
  5. I checked the forecast. Next week is all about the sunshine.

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