Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday/Saturday/purple toothbrush

By Friday, I was done. I mean, I want to shower praises on mothers everywhere. I want to buy them flowers and cake. Every single one of them who does it all the time. (Well, I suppose that would get expensive, but I hope it's the thought that counts.) And honestly, I still want my own children. I just don't want to meet them any time soon.

Anyway, like I was saying, it was a long (but super! just tiring! and long!) week of "I don't want to eat that"s and "What are we doing now?"s and, my favorite, Christopher's insisting that "That will take a hundred hours! We're just wasting time!" He says this with his eyes really wide, and sometimes, I almost believe him until I remember that actually, reading a story/washing hands/playing outside/putting on shoes/picking up his sister won't take a hundred hours after all, and that Carson is probably expecting us. Walking home is not her style. So ANYWAY, Friday. I knew I had a four hour drive ahead and not much sleep behind me, so I decided the perfect, wonderful, enjoyed-by-everyone activity was the POOL. We were there half an hour when this happened:

Rain. Sigh. Luckily, when everyone else at the pool fled, my children just waited it out under an umbrella, and ventured out to jump in it. And eventually, the sun came out. By the time I headed home, it was shining up a storm, and so I basked in it (well, my left arm did) while I sat on I-85 for an hour in Friday traffic. Seriously, I believe that all my years of driving (a whole three!) have been aimed at preparing me for merging onto a backed-up I-85 from a backed-up I-285 at 5:06 on Friday afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia. And with that experience under my belt, I think I could drive anywhere.

This weekend I've watched 100 kids sing about Jesus, met a set of 40-yr-old identical twins who dress alike everyday (!), bought a new toothbrush (it is purple, btw), grocery-shopped with my mom, learned how to cut up an entire watermelon, and eaten half a jar of bread and butter pickles.

That's what I call a successful week, people. Tell me what you did this week. And have a splendid second half of June. Make wise decisions. And please, for the love of Pete- stay hydrated.

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