Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Keeping on keeping on

Hi there!
It's Tuesday, and Tuesday used to be the day of the week that I absolutely abhorred.   (I kid you not- I had a list of about 39+ reasons, too, but I'll tell you, they were pretty legit. However, most of those honestly-legitimate-reasons have since fallen away, and Tuesday has become just another day, really. And truthfully, there is not a single day that I really don't like much, except for Monday* I suppose, but honestly, I really don't have a problem with Monday and hating Monday is very cliche, isn't it?)

So anyway, it's Tuesday, and if there was a week-and I'm not saying there is- where I wondered what in the world I'd gotten myself into and strictly swore off mothering any humans that expected to be fed and clothed and taught how to wipe their bottoms or for that matter mothering GOLDFISH (although I've already proved that isn't my strong point, either)- this would be the week. Luckily, I don't think one such week exists, and I am still considering the idea of at least getting a cat in ten years, so I think we're okay. But this week is the 9 (8:30, but that doesn't quite roll off the tongue as well)-6, Monday-Friday week where the shuttling and such has begun, but honestly- and this is a secret, so don't go spreading it around- I really don't mind too much. For one thing, we've already established that I love to go and that I like to be productive and for another, you try sitting in a house with three children under the age of ten, two of whom are five and BOYS, and tell me you wouldn't like some errands to run. Moreover, when we get finished, there is the wonderful pool, which we all love in equal, massive amounts, although for different reasons, I'm sure. Carson loves the social aspect, the boys love the water, and I love that I can sit somewhere, see them all, and very rarely is there more to do than that, except settling the occasional Nerf-gun-wrestling match and applying a second coat of sunscreen. Carson, especially, loves for me to get in, but when I get out, she is also content to play with her friends, and that works out for the both of us.

However, today's Tuesday and it's raining. And you know, I had checked out the 10-day forecast, and it wasn't supposed to even think about raining until tomorrow. Those weathermen, I'll tell you, they're worse than tax collectors. But I'm on my second cup of coffee, and the outlook is much brighter than back when I'd had none. In fact, we have big plans for Scooby-Doo 2 after peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and perhaps there will be Play-Doh and my word, I'll pray for sunny skies tomorrow.

Besides, what's better than happy kids who are happy playing with each other and 25 plastic Army men for an hour? NOTHING!

You want to be let in on what I'm figuring out? I think it's one of those well-known things, but something you can only learn from experience: Taking care of other human beings is the most humbling, awesome, monumental set of mundane things out there. My days are filled with the tiny, the trivial, the cutting the crusts off and washing hands and going to piano lessons, but I'm having a part of shaping people's lives, if only for a summer. And there's nothing bigger than that.

*This particular Monday was not so good to me- I gained two new blisters (I'm mean come on, I've been doing this a month, get used to it, feet!) and hit a mailbox and got a sunburn. But, I mean, it turned out pretty fine and the mailbox didn't, you know, fall into the street or dent the car, and so those are blessing and honestly, I'm harboring no hard feelings toward Monday.

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