Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2010

For all the whining I''ve done about it, I forgot how lovely it really is. I forgot how hot it gets outside, so hot that you can feel the sunshine right down to your bones. I forgot how good it feels to soak it right up and then step into the pool and have all of that heat simply wash away. I forgot what it's like to eat popsicles at night time and to live in tanks and shorts and flip-flops. I forgot how it feels to get out of the shower and just go- no blow-drying or straightening or makeup because, hello, the sun covers a multitude of sins. I forgot how nice it is to not really have to be anywhere most of the time. I forgot how great it is to hang out with kids all day, even if they are whiny and tired and sticky and poopy, because they are awesome enough that that part doesn't matter. I forgot how much I love water, whether it's pool water or lake water the sprinkler water. Seriously, I could lay by and get in water all day long, everyday, and I would be content.

I forgot how wonderful it is to dance through these warm days with something to look forward to. That's how I spent last summer- sashaying through the months with a dream in mind, but living in the moments, whether I was riding around in a jeep or hanging out with my kids. That seems like an eternity ago because so very much has changed since then; I've done and seen and become since last June, and obviously, I loved it. But still, something's the same- I'm hanging out with kids and dipping in the water and I have a twinkle in my eye that tells of something on the horizon.

But until then, I will soak up the sun.

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