Saturday, August 28, 2010

And then I was a couch potato.

Gracie and Janie were both going out of town this weekend (and Joanna's middle name is super busy), and because I never got to come home on that Tuesday a few weeks ago due to a flat tire, I thought that it would be a splendid opportunity to come back, collect some things I left behind, and hang out with my fam. Also, I had have lots and lots of homework to do. Oh my goodness, Internet. What a wonderful idea it was.

It was a long drive, complete with a shady rest area stop, an hour long thrunderstorm, and construction, but it was worth it fo sho. I went straight to my high school's season opener (we were the reigning state champs for three years, so football is a big deal around here) and then watched a movie with Lori. This morning I slept until 9 (!), and then had a crazy delicious bowl of oatmeal (I was starving after all that sleeping and having Cocoa Krispies [so nutritious, I know] for dinner) an coffee. I really needed to do some reading, but I ended up sitting and watching Property Virgins on TLC for two hours! Then, I came downstairs to try and read biology down here, but I kept getting distracted by the Kardashians that Lori was watching and my family. Whoops. Eventually my family left to go to a birthday party and I got busy and did some biology and French homework. Then, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I took a bath and drank some iced coffee and blogged and wore no make up and it was FABULOUS.

I even walked outside for a whole three minutes to check the mail and considered going for a run because it was a cool 89 degrees in the shade. My better judgement persuaded me not to, though, because my muscles are tired and tomorrow we're starting a new exercise program (p30X, as opposed to p90X). Also, 89 degrees starts feeling hot four minutes into it, so I went back inside for more blogging.

It has been SUCH a perfect Saturday. I really, really needed a bunch of sitting and doing nothing. There's dinner with my family in my future and I am super pumped about that, too. It doesn't take too much to make me happy, I suppose- iced coffee, books, blogs, oatmeal, bananas. Here's to more weekends like this one.

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  1. being a couch potato... i forgot what that is like! you make it sound very enticing and i might just have to find some time to give it a try :)
    I saw you Sunday as I ran to try to be the first one in the Sunday School class that I was subbing in. (Ms. Pam's) So - I didn't get to speak or get one of the BEST hugs ever! I still owe you a supper or lunch... I haven't forgotten! Still missing you and loving you lots! msp