Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sweet settlement

Hey, it's starting to feel like home. The town fell right back over me as I rolled down 82, but the apartment, with its loud air conditioning and creaky floor and odd smell was different and new and not home at all. But oh people, that's changing. We've been hard at work trying to make this place home, what with carpet cleaning and painting and making spaghetti. There have been other firsts, like:
our first load of laundry,

our first house guest,

our first meal together where we defrosted sauce cooked,

the first time we made a sign to welcome our fourth roommate (probably the last, too),

and our first day back at church (also, our first picture on the balcony! too many firsts for one picture, I'd say.)

Other than obliterating all of these milestones, I've just been taking it easy, enjoying the few slow days before the crazy busy of the next weeks. Trust me, crazy busy they will be, but I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to them, with classes starting and friends reuniting and dinner being cooked nightly.

It's a lot. 

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