Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bring it, life.

First things first: AFTER pictures!
My favorite part, for sure!

The purple blanket is not an accessory/decorative feature, but my lovey. There, I said it. Blanka ftw every time.

Bright + cheery= a great reason to hop in the shower at 8 a.m.

I got this nightstand at an antique store. I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on it and Mrs. Parker was right- it is SO worth the $50 I spent. (I also only spent $20 on that chair up by my desk, which I love equal amounts.)

So ta da! There are still a few finishing touches that I'm sure will come in the next few weeks/months- you know, clothes hanging on most furniture and coffee mugs on every flat surface and Cocoa Krispies stored under the bed for late night snacks. I mean, then it will be MY room, right? Nothing like hidden cereal to make you feel at home, I'll tell ya! (Full disclosure: I am open about my cereal addiction and I keep all 8 boxes in the pantry.)

Now, let me fill you in on my last three days (including the two hours I've been awake today, which have, in themselves, been no cake walk.) I'm not quite sure who signed me up for Most Frustrating (Not Really but Man it Seems That Way) Week Ever, but if I find out, I'm throwing tomatoes at them. Squishy tomatoes. (If it was you, look out!) I KNEW Monday was going to be a long day, and I knew that so much that I couldn't sleep Sunday night. Someone like me, who tends to worry and plan and obsess, can attest to all of you carefree, easygoing blokes that when stress seems imminent, the best thing to do is to lie awake at night and try to plan it out. (More full disclosure: This is probably the worst thing to do, but it's kind of a hard habit to kick.) So my point? I started Monday with less sleep than I should have. But honestly, there was nothing I could do about it. I accompanied Lori to drop the kids off at school (FIRST GRADE and EIGHTH GRADE. My head was spinning.) 

After that, I spent three (yes, three!) Monday morning hours trying to sort out and pick up a car to bring to Tuscaloosa. Lightning-fast hours flew by after that as I packed and showered, and then got on with the coming to Tuscaloosa. After grocery shopping and inhaling copious amounts of hummus, I got down and dirty and got my room put together, which only took, you know, six hours (yes, six!). Clearly, I'm not a good worker or SOMETHING. I don't know, but I was extremely proud of the results, even if I was about to fall out from exhaustion. And then, after the excitement and anxiety, I laid awake in bed listening to all of the strange noises and trying to block out the weird street lamp glow. Or maybe I was overtired. It was ridiculous, really, because I had to be UP on Tuesday to volunteer. I showed up Tuesday with a huge smile because I'd gotten to walk around campus that morning- it was SO FRIGGIN' AWESOME! (And hot.) 

Tuesday was a long day of interviewing + sitting in the lobby making small talk with nervous freshmen going up for the Coke Scholarship. I have to say, I felt a bit smug, knowing what they were about to get themselves into with this whole coming-to college deal. Ha! But really, they're about to start what could possibly (and probably will) be one of the best chunks of their lives. Go them! Them ftw! Suckerssss! Anyway, I left campus with a stinking flat tire. I'm starting to think there's an organization out there called Cars United Against Lindsey (CUAL). Honestly. And because it was sort of late in the afternoon, we drove from place to place to place (two and a half hours we drove! two! and a half!), only to eventually be told there wasn't anything wrong with it. Hm...

This morning was supposed to be a doctor's visit in Birmingham, but that's been a nightmare, and basically, I sit by the phone, waiting to see if I'll be called to go or not. Not a planner's idea of the best way to spend a morning! STILL, there has been so much of the last few days that has been insanely awesome (including the fact that we can laugh about the insane obstacles!): a 3-mile walk around the lighted track with my best friend, Gracie's arrival, MORE grocery shopping, Jason's Deli, iced coffee, great new shampoo, Chick Fil A, Say Yes to the Dress, Mario at the Northport Wal-Mart who decided that even though I arrived at 6:47 and they stop taking cars at 6:45, he would take a look at my tire (no doubt because there were tears welling up in my eyes that were seriously threatening to overflow), new photos, the arrival of Janie (that's coming today!), plus a million other things that I took for granted.

And because this is bordering on short story (fine, novel) length, I'm going to stop now and say that I have HIGH hopes for the rest of today. Who couldn't? The three of us reunited in our own house, eating Oatmeal Squares, drinking coffee, and watching TLC. That's the kind of moment that makes me close my eyes and thank my God. It's right up there with sitting down with a big bowl of cereal. 

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