Thursday, November 27, 2008

People, let me tell you 'bout my best friends...

Happy Thanksgiving! In about twenty minutes, I'll leave to go to my grandmother's where one (weird) half of my family is gathered, and I'll be very, very thankful for (most of) them. Then, I'll come back to my house where the other (sometimes just as weird) half of my family will eat and laugh together. Ah, joy. I'm thankful- very thankful- for my family. Most of them.

But what I'm most thankful for today, this Thanksgiving, is my friends, and I didn't wake up thinking that way.Actually, a text message woke me up. Followed by a phone call from my best friend, interrupted by another text message, all wishing me Happy Thanksgiving. That was before 9 o'clock, too. By 10:30, I'd gotten at least ten texts and two phone calls, simply wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and saying, "hey, thanks for being my friend." Talk about feeling loved! As for my family, we kind of mumbled Happy Thanksgiving as we poured our coffee, and I certainly didn't receive any phone calls from them- not even my dad, who doesn't even know I'll see him at my grandma's, since I unexpectantly decided last night to go. Thanks, Dad!

I guess it just made me realize that I am surrounded by a GREAT group of people, including my incredible best friend and several close friends that mean the world to me. And, some of my family is included in that statement :) And I guess it shows that friends really are the family you choose for yourself.

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