Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I just read another blog, one more significant and much more updated and attended to than this one.
It was a blog about Eliot Mooney's life, a little boy with Trisomy 18 who lived for 99 days. Although he didn't even make it to the three-digit mark, he impacted the lives of his parents, as well as many, many, many other people. He impacted me, as did Ginny and Matt, with their reliance on Christ throughout the life-and death- of their son. Read about Eliot through his parents' amazing words at Eliot- 99 Balloons.

If you're wondering how the college search is going, it's, um...not. I sent in my applications to my three top choices: Vanderbilt University, Birmingham-Southern College, and The University of Alabama (in that order). Fingers are crossed and I am pleading with God that my 30 ACT (I'm 2 for 2 with a 30 both times) and my 4.0 (may increase thanks to dual enrollment!) GPA are enough to get somebody to give me some money to go. Otherwise, I'm SOL.

Other news is simply that this is November, and I've only got until May to be a kid. Only until May with my best friend, my parents, my yearbook (kidding. it's everyone's yearbook). So the days are ticking until I start the next chapter.

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