Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am going to the beach in April, for Spring Break and during my birthday. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

However, it got me thinking about my bikini bod...or lack thereof. All things considered, I eat pretty healthily. I have a poptart or a granola bar for breakfast, a sandwich, some chips and fruit for lunch and then protein, starches, & veggies for dinner. Pretty balanced. But I don't drink as much water as I used to. And I've kind of let cookies sneak into my diet again. A lot. And I don't want to lose weight- I feel pretty comfortable where I am, and I'm a size 4, and that's fine. But when I LOOK at my body, I don't really like it. My stomach is kind of jiggly. And my thighs- God I hate them. To me, they look like they shouldn't fit into a size 12 pants, much less a size 4. I loathe them. My waist is smaller, proportionately, than they are, wich means my pants are ALWAYS too big in my waist but snug in my thighs. Ugh!! And so my pants get weird bunches from the belt or slide down and make my butt slouch.

Anyyyyyyway, I'm ok with this in winter. But in April- I'm going to the beach. Not with my family,, whose opinion of my body I don't really give a hat about. But I'm going with three, maybe four girlfriends and I do NOT want to be the fat friend! Or, the one who looks the worst in her bikini. I want to be toned!! Or, toned-er. I don't need a 6-pack. Just a little less flab and a little more smooth.

So, I started tonight with 50 situps (waaay harder than I remembered them!) and these soccer things my friend showed me. Hopefully I'm sore tomorrow- that always gives me satisfaction. And I'm pretty sure I can keep at it. About a year ago, I started losing weight, at first not on purpose, but when I started to like it, I did keep at it. And everyone thouht I was going to gain it back or give up. But I got down to a 4 and I still am a 4. I have determination when I want it.

I'm off to pack my lunch. Just one cookie :)

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