Monday, February 2, 2009

i love my life...

it's february! finally... i had many bad day posts in january lol. but really, january is never a good month. you're adjusting to the after-christmas lull, the dry skin and frigid temperatures and grey skies. i'm personally longing for march and april when the sun comes out and it's short-sleeve weather (but about july, i'll be like, 'oh, 40 degree days, where are you?!) And even tough I'm long for this, I'm not. I'm savoring every minute I've got, soaking it up. I'm excited about the major changes that are coming. But, being my overly-planning, change- allergic self, I'm apprehensive. And I want to enjoy and remember this.

Buuuuuuut I'm having issues doing that. My nights end at 12 after hours of studying and homework, my days consist of emails to colleges, forwards to Lori, meetings with guidance counselors, and paperowrk (and paperowrk mistakes). But I've committed to the University, so I hope that that takes the weight off a little bit and I can stop thinking, "college, college, college" every waking minute. I've got every minute filled with something. I DID NOT EVEN WATCH SECRET LIFE TONIGHT! Yup, I was doing college stuff. I saw some of it and caught the gist, but I was running upstairs and down trying to register for dorm rooms. I'm soooo excited for this weekend, but I know that by Sunday I'm gonna be ready to collapse. Chris got me thinking about it tonight when he said, "Lindsey, I don't even know how you move. You stay up all night and get up at the butt crack and then don't get home until 6 or 6:30." Later, when I complained of a headache Lori said, "Why don't you get some sleep?" It's true. I'm tired. But I lvoe the go. And even if I didn't (okay, sometimes I don't love it), it's necessary. The anatomy root words aren't going to memorize themselves or take up residence in my brain while I'm snoozing. I'm not going to get into (and now i actually mean INTO, as in, in the dorm...) college by napping and watching the secret life. Wednesday is church. This weekend, I'm off, And I've got H2O Plans on Thursday night, movie plans on Friday night with bff (yay!), a pancake breakfast to work at 8 (which, I am totally doing out of the goodness of my heart for Lori...even though it's my day off...!), then a concert. We'll stand in line most of the day; it doesn't start until 6. We won't get home until laaaaate and then church early the next morning. Sunday, there will be Sunday school and morning worship, play practice, and discipleship training. And school on Monday. It's going ot be a lot. And I'll be tired. But I'm excited.

If I'm lucky, I'll sleep (what I SHOULD be doing now, but I had to get this out...) a little. And take back my bff's shoes that are in my car. If I'm lucky...

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