Sunday, February 15, 2009

I juat read this on!

Boss: You wrote here that your communications skills are "excellent".
Me: Yes, I did, and they are.
Boss: But I would never use the word "excellent".
Me: You didn't. I used it.
Boss: Yeah, but I'm the one giving you your assessment.
Me: Yeah, but I'm the one who wrote it.
Boss: Well, I wrote some of it.
Me: Yes, and then you sent it to me to add anything else I felt should be included.
Boss: But you've added a lot of stuff, and changed some of mine.
Me: You didn't put a limit on how much I could add, and I only corrected your spelling and grammar.
Boss: Oh. Okay. I was in a rush when I wrote it. But I would never use "excellent". I don't like to use that word.
Me (grinding teeth together): What word would you like to use?
Boss: I like "good".
Me: How about "superior"?
Boss: Superior to who?
Me: Whom. You, for one.
Boss: Now you're just being rude. How about "very good"?
Me: How about "impressive"?
Boss: Impressive? Impressive. Is that a real word? How about "very, very good".
Me: GEEZ FREAKING CHRIST!!! Here's what YOU can do with your STUPID FREAKING ASSESSMENT ... !!
Boss (shrinking back in chair): See, that's NOT excellent ...

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