Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life ain't fair.

I'm sooooo excited for this weekend. Actually, the goodness starts tomorrow :) I just hope all goes as planned and it turns out well. Since I detailed my weekend plans already, I'll share some things I don't understand about the world:

1. Why anyone posts personal things about themselves on Myspace/Facebook. I'm sorry, but if I'm having an issue, my bff and a few select friends are the only ones who will know unless it's
'not hideable. Why would you want your 300+ "friends" to know that you are fighting/breaking up with your boyfriend/with your best friend/ your parents etc. etc. Given, I post personal things about myself on here. But the only people (that I know of) that read it are my bff and another one of those select friends, both of who knows a ton about what's going on anyway. Errrrr. Stop trying to get sympathy/pity/whatever, people!!

2. Why people expect people to be nice to them when THEY'RE at work (as in their clients/customers) but when they're the client/customer, they're rude and disrespectful. Yes, I may be getting paid right now. I am trying to serve you, yes. But I am not your servant, and I don't expect to be treated like one. I am courteous, patient and understanding whenever I interact with others in a business or store. Because I know how it feels. If you've ever had a job, you do too.

3. Why you look so cute when you leave the house, but by the time you reach your destination, you've either been rained on or seriously wind whipped, or are in fleurescent lighting that makes your self esteem plummet. I hate that lighting that's in EVERY store.

4. Boys. Sometimes they want you. Then, they don't. They want you when you don't want them. But when you get around to wanting, they change their minds. I think every girl can put her own lyrics into "If I Was A Boy." Gahhhh! And there's no one specific, really, just in general. It's sad, though. I'm FINALLY over him for absolutely sure (I knew I was but I was afraid that seeing him everyday would change that), but that leaves me with... no one. However, I'm confident that I'll have a whole new bunch of fish when I go to college. No sense in starting anything now, unless he's going to the university.

5. Text messaging. If you JUST talked to me, I bwt you're around your phone. Stop ignoring me!!

6. Why everyone feels the need comment to me on what I should do in MY life. If I want to lvoe him, I will. If I want to hate him, I will. If I want to forgive him, I will. If I want to buy a chi, I will. If I want to buy some clothes, I will. If I want to text him, I will. If I want to lie to myself, I will. If I want to eat a brownie, I will. If I want to be on a diet, I will (that's the worst..."Why are you on a diet..." blah blah). If I want to wear this shirt/necklace/shoes/pants, I will. If I want to listen to this song, I will. If I want to talk to that person, I will. If I want to do it, I WILL! The only people who have a say so are God, my parents (and ONLY are certain things), and occasionally my best friend, and mostly just because she has to listen to me talk about some of this. But even so, I'd appreciate advice when I ask for it, or when I need one of those reality doses. When I tell you I KNOW how you feel, but that I'm going to make my own decision, let it go, please. My life, my choice!

7. Why public school is free, and all they talk about is college, but public college is expensive...go figure.

8. Why when a guy and a girl hang out, everyone automatically assumes they are dating or will soon. Can't he just be my friend? Seriously, we're JUST friends. No one likes anyone. To my knowledge.

9. Why a teenage mother is looked down upon. This one... sets me off. I'm not a teenage mother. In fact, I'm a virgin, for a couple different reasons. However- my best friend almost was- and no, she didn't have an abortion. One of my close friends is. Another friend of mine will be soon. Why do people judge them on their age? I can tell you this. My parents had me when my mother was 32 and my father was 37. They screwed me up so royally that Lori is still suggesting counseling. I can guarantee you that if my bff had a baby, it would be one of the most loved in this world. I can also tell you that her mistake wouldn't be one of carelessness. And even if it was...even if it could have been many people over 20 have kids like that all the time? Kids they can't afford? Kids they weren't planning on? Kids they screw up royally? And how many teenage mothers succeed? A lot. But you don't get those statistics. You get the ones that remind you that some of them are on welfare or drop out of school. Of all of the teenage mothers I know- more than a few- I can only think of 1 that dropped out of school. SO SHUT UP! Until you've been in their shoes or been right beside them as they did it, don't judge them. Support them. Encourage them. You knwo how many times I held my friend while she cried and grieved and told her how great she would have been? More than I can count. Maybe she thought I was just telling her what I thought she needed, but I wasn't. I wasn't lying. She would have been great. It would have been hard, but she would have been great. And my friend that does have a baby is great. He's a happy kid. He's well taken care of. And she's taking care of her business, too. So get a life and then worry about it, not theirs.

10. Why I miss saying Mom so much. That's a stupid thing to miss, lol.

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