Friday, July 30, 2010

The end is near...

I'm coming to you from the end of week twelve. That means, friends, that this is the end of the summer (luckily for you, I'm throwing in a couple extra weeks because my schedule changed. I know you're thrilled.) But back to the end of the summer. Can you believe it? I can't. That's why I keep italicizing it. My mind is blown, as I sit here, exactly twelve weeks after I packed up my dorm and brought it home, today's date seeming impossibly far away, a landmark that I'd never, ever get reach. And somehow, as the weeks passed, they began to fly, and here I am, unsure exactly where they went. On Sunday, I'll take the washer and dryer and the lamps and the cutlery out of storage and put them into my very first apartment. (I've contacted HGTV so that My First Place can come check us out. We'll be a big hit, I'm sure.) I have plans to go back next Monday for keeps. Crazy, no? Are you falling off your chair? Deep breaths!

But this week, that's what I'm supposed to be telling you about, right? I'm sure next week will be filled with the magic of move-in day. So this week. It was pretty typical, I'd say, as far as the kids go. It was so, so, so hot outside that I really couldn't insist they go sweat and dehydrate out there. So we played Play-Doh and had friends over and watched The Princess and the Frog about 73 times. They really love The Princess and the Frog. Carson and I went to see Ramona and Beezus and it was downright splendid. My love for it might have something to do with the fact that I've read all of the Ramona books at least six times, which Carson hasn't done, but she liked it, too.

The healthy brownies weren't the biggest hit, although Aunt Jane really liked them. She pointed out that if I'd called them chocolate cake squares, we'd all have liked them better, but they just didn't have a brownie texture and you could really taste the yogurt. But then again, I had to bake a double batch to fit in the pan, so that means a lot of yogurt. They weren't bad, just not what i was expecting- and I wanted brownies! So I don't think I'll be making them again (at least as brownies) but I'll definitely try more recipes.

I packed up things on Wednesday afternoon and headed home. The drive was filled with lots of good things: phone calls, amazing skies, iced coffee, and the like. (Honestly, I kept getting distracted by those beautiful clouds in my last post. Aren't they gorgeous?) And now, I'm hanging out at home, trying to get some motivation to pack and clean and oh yeah, exercise or something. I suppose it's time to turn off TLC and get going. Happy Week Thirteen- I'll be back with pictures and updates and a great big smile, with only a fleeting glimmer of bittersweetness because, well, summer is over.

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