Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I like to go. I like to be busy, to have plans, to do. I mean, I enjoy sitting around and reading books or watching Cake Boss as much as the next girl (actually, probably more. My love for Cake Boss has reached epic proportions.), but I'd take fast-paced over slow and easy most days. I'm am also a control freak, and the only people who have ever described me as easygoing were the nice old ladies at church. Ha, here are my confessions, huh?

Anyway, because of all of that, I am starting to get stressed out about the inevitably stressful move that is waiting for me five days from now. With my crazy-obsessive tendencies (which are not too extreme to be considered abnormal yet, I hope), I keep thinking about the things that could go wrong and might go wrong and how I just want everything to go smoothly. YOU HEAR ME, SUNDAY? PROGRESS SMOOTHLY. Something about gathering three sets of very different parents and adding in three girls (not even matching the sets of parents, mind you!) plus 100+ degree temperatures, heavy lifting,and two flights of stairs makes me nervous. You'd be nervous, too, right? I'm not insane? Okay. Good. I keep reminding myself that as long as I'm cheerful, patient, and doing my best to work hard, I've done my best. And let me point out that the stress doesn't go unaccompanied: Excitement is flying high in these parts. OUR OWN HOUSE? WITH MY BEST FRIENDS? WHILE LEARNING TO SPEAK FRENCH? Welcome to my idea of perfect, people.

And then there are the days before/the days after! There's furniture to be gathered and cleaned, necessities to buy, headboards to be covered, maintenance to be performed on cars that belong to me, clothes to be packed, children to be watched, drives to be driven, runs to be ran, and brownies to be eaten. That's right. I decided I just couldn't do it all without a brownie, so I tried this "Healthy" Brownie recipe. More to come on that later.

Still, I have an awful lot of excitement for today. I think today might be the day that Carson and I go see Beezus and Ramona, I just started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I've run five miles in the past two days (plus walked another two). Last night I got to catch up with my best friend and eat Cocoa Krispies and go school supplies shopping for the munchkins (thought not all at the same time, mind you.) So many great, great things to be really, really pumped about! And who am I trying to kid, there are brownies on the counter.

I also saved this coffee tin because, well, I just couldn't throw it away and I figured we could use it for something, right? My room isn't exactly vintage-y, but even so, it would make a cool vase or pencil cup or banana holder, no? Do you have any off-the-beaten-path ideas for what I could do with it (or perhaps how I could get through the weekend/move without eating at least five pans of brownies?) C'mon guys, I need your advice. Hit me.

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