Monday, July 19, 2010

week TEN.

That's a photo from last week to prove that we actually DID go to Orlando. I actually did ride quite a few rides. We actually did have boatloads of fun. And, uh, we sweated a lot. But on to the equally important things of week 10. (Whew. Week 10?)

On Sunday, I drove. And drove and drove and drove. And that turned out okay (I may be overlapping stories here because I think I mentioned the iced coffee last week, too. But it was fantasmic.) Anyway, Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were a lot of picking up kids and dropping them off and making waffles and ice cream cones and pitching tents and the like. You know, pretty much what I tell you I do every week because dang, those kids still like to eat meals. I don't have a single photo from any of this fun, sadly. Just trust me: it was fun. On Wednesday afternoon I started getting all packed up and when Aunt Jane got home I raced myself to the car and set off for Prattville. This was sort of a stress-free, easygoing drive until both Janie and Gracie called to let me know they were in Prattville, and unless I put the car in flying mode (which I haven't found), I was still an hour away. But really, what could I do, besides worry I was making everyone waiting around, when I was, in fact, making everyone wait around? Pretty much nothing but request a coffee, and so that's what I did. Then I promptly flew into my house and threw various articles of clothing and a sun hat into my suitcase and we were OFF. That's when the fun began, see. I mean, besides the tent-pitching, feeding-kids fun. Fun of a different nature, if you will. Fun with them.

We did a lot of fun things, including a lot of nothing. When you do lots of something for weeks at a time, a lot of nothing with your best friends is better than brownies. At least that's what I say. In addition to doing a lot of nothing, we did a lot of lazy rivering, a lot of sun-soaking-up, a lot of eating, and a lot of working out, too. And luckily, we took a lot of pictures.




I never thought I'd say this, but 5 a.m. aint half bad when you've got your best friends and several cups of coffee helping it out.

On Sunday, we packed up and drove home. This week, my Nana accompanied me to the ATL and she's getting a taste of how her grandkids make it every day. Right now, she's hiding out in the basement, but I'm sure she'll get to used to it soon... Here's to a terrifically terrific week 11.

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