Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I go back

This summer has blazed all sorts  of trails for me. I've done lots of things I'd never done (or stuck to) before. I've gotten into new routines and found new obsessions and made lots and lots of memories with lots of different people. It's been a summer to remember, that's for sure. I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything, from the six hours alone in the car every week to the night time talks with Aunt Jane to the sweat on the treadmill. Sure, it wasn't what I was expecting or planning, but it was what I needed and it turned out to be something I'll miss very much come August. It'll be a summer I look back on and, smiling, say, "Oh yeah, that's when I got to know my cousins" or "That's the summer I found out I was capable of being healthy" or "That summer? Hey, I learned to drive dirty on the interstate that summer! Oh, and I fell in love with..." I fell in love with a lot this summer, mostly my family, both in Atlanta and back home. I got to know them up in Atlanta, which is something I hope I never lose. And when I came home, I got to see Taylor's eyes light up as he met me in the yard, wrapping his arms around me and asking, "You're staying? You're staying?!" Can't beat feeling loved, can you?

Things That Will Always Remind me of This Summer (at Least Until I'm 96 and Have Dementia):

  • Cocoa Krispies
  • Summer Bridge Books
  • Interstate 85
  • Cake Boss
  • My medium leopard suitcase
  • Chopping apples (I did this SO much, for some reason)
  • Almond butter
  • Jillian Michaels
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • J93.3
  • Spaghettios (well, making them)
  • Toy Story ANYTHING
  • Lagrange, GA (the Starbucks there is mine, all mine.)
  • Weight Watchers lemonade stir-ins
  • The name Sascha (This is the cat, and really often, someone walks into the kitchen, sees her on the counter/table/floating midair and yells, "SASCHA, NO!")
I'm sure there are loads of other things that will make my breath catch and transport me back here to these months, these weeks that have been so different and wonderful and challenging all in their own ways. I am very, very excited for the year ahead, but let me say, this last week of summer will be bittersweet. It flew.

It honestly flew. 

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