Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bad daaaay

today has pretty much been one of the worst tuesdays on record. let me put it in a list for ya.
  • i forgot my jacket in the car. i wanted to go to the car to get it. i had to take pictures (of other people, mostly) and so i froze in second block. where my really cute outfit got made fun of :(
  • i brought a healthy lunch but then i ate fries instead. probably because i'm about to start my period.
  • i'm about to start my period. enough said.
  • my family is freaking out because they think i'm dying. i'm not. i do feel like something is going on, though, with my arm & disease & whatnot, but nothing to cause alarm. and they panic... ugh.
  • i have to go to the dr. because of rpevious bullet. the uh-oh-something-must-really-be-wrong-with-you kind of dr. in bham. several of them actually. and i just don't want to. i hate the doctor, i hate the medicine, i hate the whole dang thing.no more medicine, pleeeeeease! it makes me feel like crap. total crap. and it doesn't help my arm. anyway, so there was a big dr. thing today. sister, lori, & stepmother freaking about the dr. then my sm proceeded to call and tell that she and my dad would take me to the neurologist. ummm.... what? yeah, no. if ANYONE takes me if will be lori, because i don't know, she TALKS to me- which can't be said for my father. I haven't gotten a phone call in the last six months that lasted more than a minute and a half and didn't involve me taking my sister somewhere. which i've come to get over and not mind. she said that he "wants to be involved." Really? well, he should start with talking to me or awknowledging me in public. he acts like i'm some sort of embarrassment or something. i don't get it. so, no, neither of you will take me anywhere so that you can feel better about ignoring me. no. besides, i can take myself. i hate when they fuss over it.
  • also, my whole phone situation si messed up. it has to go through my dad (who i don't talk to...) and so UGH. ugh. dealt with that today.
  • i go to work and everything, everything that can go wrong does. i met the rudest customer i have EVER encountered, in two years of working in retail. it was insane. which would have been enough to turn the whole experience bad, but, trust me, seeeeeeveral other things went badly as well. i didn't leave until 6:15.
  • i go to bff's work to get my bangs cut (that went well.) and it's all fine. i come home. i get on the laptop. and then she calls, freaking out. so i put on my supportive best friend. and i supported. and i vented to her, too. but i don't think either of us felt better. at least we know how each other feels...
  • and now i have precal homework and i won't do it. i decided. i can do it later. not tonight. no, not tonight. i will study for anatomy. and then i will go to bed. every night i aim for 10...10:30... heck, 11. but I inevitably get in bed around 11:30 or 12, after doing everything i have to do. because tonight I NEED my devotion, even if i'm extra tired. it's probably my own fault for taking an hour or two to veg out before i start everything when i get home, but i need that time, dang it. I've been going all.day.long.


excuse me while i go take care of all my business.

p.s.- i swear i'm not really this negative in real life. but this is my venting, besides my bff, and i can't fully do that when she's sad too. so the "bad day" posts are many, but that's because you're who i tell. whoever you might be.

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