Sunday, January 25, 2009


otherwise known as the weekend. i left school friday all optimistic about the next few days.

in my opinion, optimism is retarded. all it really is set you up for disappointment. with pessimism, on the other hand, you can only go up. that's why i'm pessimistic.

here's what happened:
friday afternoon, i... went home. but see, me and callie were gonna go to my sister's, but she bailed on us, so we planned to go out to dinner & watch a movie (that she bootlegged, what whatev). well, then my bro lets us in on the steak dinner he was cooking, which was free & yummy but it meant that i didn't even LEAVE THE HOUSE. i'm a social person. we watched a movie and she had to be home...she took the movie out, i swear, like 3 minutes before the end. who does that?! i decided that i don't really like watching movies. because the nights that we hang out on the weekend are, besides the occasional weeknight endeavor, the only time we really get together since we don't have a class together anymore, and 3 hours of sitting beside each other is not hanging out. it's... sitting beside each other.

well, saturday morning i woke up all, man-it's-saturday-morning-and-it's-raining-and-i-have-to-work-all-day. it went downhill. work was stinky, just cause it was work and my fav coworker was off but my least fav was alive and ready to boss me around. yay. well, it was okay though, b/c i was looking forward to the plans i had that night with my friends that i haven't hung out with in awhile. i got a text message around 3 that my friends decided that they wanted to put it off until next weekend... well, if we'd planned it friday that would have been understandable but we planned it a week and a half ago. seriously! they couldn't have decided at some point in that time that they didn't want to instead of saturday at 3? I SWEAR i have a sign on my forehead that says, "please ditch me, i don't mind." well, i DO. mind, that is. but I wasn't even all that mad about that. well, i was, but i got over it quickly. i decided i would buy some face wash and go home and sleep.

then- yes, there's a then- i get a phone call, from two of my sisters. two phone calls, actually, i wasn't clear. one from a sister whom i don't associate and one from one that i do. returned the latter- only to find that it was the first sister both times, switching phones (very mature. see why we don't associate?) well, she said that my other two sisters (i know, there's a lot) were coming to dinner (crap. i was fighting with laine, remember, for her bailing friday night) and she wanted to know if i thought it would be ok for her to come. um... no?!?!? but i couldn't say that. so i said call chris. by this point i'm freaking cause i don't want to see ANY of them, i just want to go home, ok! well, finally, they ALL bailed, which didn't make me happy like i thought it would... laine ditched me and cal for brenda firday and for courtney saturday. that doesn't make sense. so i bought two shirts (they were $5 each. but still, i felt guilty on account of the saving i'm supposed to be doing) and went home. i told my bff i felt better after the retail therapy, even though i didn't cause she would worry. which she must have anyway, because she called me later , ready to come get me if i needed her to. i did. but she was sick. so i told her she could go home and go to bed and i laid there and laid there and laid there. couldn't sleep. thinking about my family and how much we suck. cause we're not a family. we're just a bunch of people pretending.

sunday was almost a bust, but tab kept her plans. it was refreshing. we went to eat at zaxby's (finally- i tried to go there twice on saturday lol) and then took her puppy to petsmart. now i'm facing anatomy and precal quizzes, both of which i might fail. i've never before just wanted to pass a class, instead of make an A, like i do in precal. i'm willing to bet you'll hear a boatload of whining about it in the near future.

tomorrow's monday. i'm texting someone who has no clue. he has no clue. you have no clue, you ass! mondays suck, in general (the pessimism might get me somewhere). but i kind of might have enough money to buy my phone, soon. which is exciting news. but still far away.and i'm pumped for winterjam, yaaaaaay!

that's the condensed version of my life these days (you're think, geez, what's the extended version look like, aren't you? i'm detail-oriented, okay?). i'm about to make up my bed and study and sleep, in that order.

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