Monday, January 12, 2009

i'm gonna go ahead and say it

before i get started. i'm going to warn you, this may sound like whining. it's really not. well, maybe a little. but if you can't whine to your own computer...that's sad. anyway, it's more like venting.

i'm speaking sunday at church. sunday morning. in front of 200+ people. giving my testimony about xtreme. and i'm speaking boldly.

and chris and lori won't be there.

i get i'm not their kid. i get that they have a good reason not to be there. i get that this wasn't really planned until last minute. i get that they wish they could. which is why i didn't say a dang thing when she mentioned it.

but i remember hailee's musical. how lori was the mom who videotaped in the loft and made copies for the other moms. or the christmas eve ceremony, how she was the stage mom who put the angels' wings on and handed the shepherds their staffs.

i know i'm not their kid. but this is one of those times when that fact is like a slap in the face. and it stings. um, ouch. but it's not their fault they won't be there. and i think, that since i'm really confident about what i'm going to say- where i'm boldly going- that this is satan trying to get me down. and in the name of Jesus Christ, i'm telling satan to flee. because it won't work. i'm still going to speak with confidence. someone will tell them what i talked about.

excuse me while i study for my anatomy test and hit up the Bible before I pass out. it's been a long day, yo. but it was good. sorry i whined.

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