Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i'm exhausted.

Here was my day:
Up at six, after 4 hrs of sleep.
shower, blow dry, straighten, make up.
Best friend's at 7.
School at 7:30.
Listen to old chemistry teacher go on about anatomy. Introduce self to class.
Head to break. Talk to bff. Steal her LifeWater. Go to second block. Hypervenilate.
Third- fourth block. Edit a page, edit proofs. Write an opening copy. Discuss plans for picture taking. Joke with friends. Make friends laugh. Run to car.
Drive to house. Run in house. Pee. Brush hair. Run to car. Drive to work. Work, work, work. Run to back, run to kitchen, run to hallway. Check someone out. Change price of bulletin board. Do that 200 more times. Get off work. Run to car in the rain.

Get home. Dinner with family. Clean up of kitchen. Internet. Bath for nephew. Socialize with family. Text bff. Accidentally fall asleep.

Wake up. Now I have to:

Make lunch, shower, organize binder, do devotion.


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