Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chance of Rain: 60%

It's cloudy again. It's been like this all week. I wish it would go one way or the other- rain or sunshine. I hate being in limbo. I really wish the sun would shine, because I hate the rain when I have to go out in it. We haven't had a sunshine-y day in while.

I could never, ever be a stay at home mom. That's what I've decided. Or one of those people who doesn't have a job and just sits around and sleeps and eats. I'm lonely! I really wish I would have asked my boss if I could have worked all day today but it's too late now. My bff is at work and so is my guy friend. And while I texted him to have a good day, he probably won't on account of the sprinkling rain all day. He works outside. And anyway, I can't text him and bother him. But I want someone to talk to!

I'm really looking forward to the errands I have to run, lol. My best friend is having a bad day, so I might swing by and give her a hug. I've got to take a present back and exchange it it, run by my work to talk to Jenn about tonight, and maybe go get some other Christmas stuff. But even so, I'm still lonely. I miss school! But then again, when I think about next semester... I DON'T.

I'm really praying for a Christmas bonus. That would be awesome. As Jeremy insists...awsome. Lol, he spells it wrong every time. I got one last year, but I had only been working there a few months. It's been a year and a half now- it's gotta be better than last year. Right? I know, I know there's the whole economic crisis. But if I can't get a raise, then i'm gonna need a Christmas bonus.

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