Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Lists =]

I just bought a Christmas present for my best friend that takes ahuge load off my shoulders-i just really hope it gets here on time. now, somebody buy me this cute thing (size small or medium): Because I keep telling my sister I want it from her, but she already bought my gift!

Next up, my sister/mom/what the heck she is's calendar. She'll love that. After that, I'm pretty much set, as far as knowing what I'm getting people. The ridiculous thing is that people keep getting added to my list. I was going to buy strictly for my best friend, as far as friends go and my immediate family, but then this friend asked me what I want, and that friend too, which means I have to buy for them. Geez. Somebody wanna hire me for extra work...?

Btw, Gracie wants an octopus necklace. Somebody get it for her so I can stop hearing about it!!

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