Monday, December 8, 2008

Mondays Suck

You know why? Because you're all relaxed form Sunday movie night and the Saturday off and you're all hahah, i got to hang out with my friends and I'm Miss Independent and then you have to listen to some lady talk about logical fallacies in a research paper for an hour and a half and it sucks the happiness out of you, especially since it's all taking place at 8:00 A.M. Plus, I had a freaking cold shower AGAIN which, pardon the pun, rained on my parade, okay. Now my teacher wants me and bff to take pictures of her grandbaby, which is great except I wasn't prepared today, and now Bff is all, I don't want to, like I'm the only one who told her we would. I'm not! I know she was there. So now we have to go do this today, all unprepared, and she doesn't even want to, which makes me not want to.

And I have this research paper that I really, really need to write and i just don't have the motivation to get it done. and on account of the whole second semester thing, I NEED A BOYFRIEND. asap. just to take my mind off of the situation. because I really don't care. About the situation, that is. monday sucks. and the worst thing is that mondays aren't even the worst- tuesdays are. don't get me started on tuesdays and my tuesday philosophy though. I have one.

And I think I have a test in fourth block. Fourth block is at the very bottom of my think-about list. The people, ahem, person, that sits in front of me is even before you know, the actual schoolwork involved. So I always forget and I never study. Ugh. I hate Mondays! And Tuesdays. Wednesdays are okay, though.

And bff's dogs ate my haystacks!!!!! GRRRRR!!! I am so mad. I'm making more and hiding them from everyone.

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  1. are we not gonna be here for lunch? i made my lunch today and it's good =[. i will eat it tommorow, i guess. are we gonna be back for lunch? are we not just going to ms. carmichaels house? why are you freaking out about planning?