Sunday, December 7, 2008

thank god it's...sunday?

It's Sunday afternoon:) I just FINALLY finished the most annoying paper assignment ever. Anyway, I had a great weekend. Friday night, I hung out with my best friend. Yup, we hung out. We didn't go out, we just sat home and watched tv and dyed hair and talked and whatnot. I couldn't remember the last time we just did that. It seems like after we both started driving and got jobs, we stopped with the, "hey, you wanna come over and hang out?" and started planning, planning, planning to do. I understand that when we grew up, everything changed, but it was nice to just hang out with my best friend. We even made haystacks, which I forgot at her house, which is a shame because she doesn't even like them and I was realllllly craving them.

Saturday morning we "slept in" until 8, and then hung around until we left to go to the 6A Alabama State Championship. Yup, and we were returning champs. After a strangly small amount of persuasion, Chris and Lori agreed, and I drove to Bham all by myself (well, with a friend) with no male guidance :) I even made it home okay, despite the weird guy stalkers who followed us and the creep Applebee's waiter. The whole way home I played "Miss Independent" because I was so proud of myself lol. I'm pretty pumped because if I go to BSC, it's a drive I'll have to make a lot, and now I know I can do it. Oh, plus we won the game, my last high school football game. It was bittersweet, but it ended on a good note.

Today, I reconnected with an ollllllllld friend and went out to lunch, with another olllllld friend, which, due to recent circumstances, was pretty awkward. Then I discovered my kudzoo had broken up with his gf, that my youth minster was back to her judgemental judging, and that my BFF wasn't answering her phone to discuss!! After writing that extensively stupid paper, I still am running all those situations through my head over and over (still no real perosn to talk to, due to BFF's nonanswering), but now I have to go to church lol. I'll pray about it.

p.s.: did i mention someone broke up with his gf? and that in a week second semester starts? and we have a class together? and that i'm scared to freaking DEATH?

just saying, friends. just saying.

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  1. do you need me? because, you asked heather if she was around me? what do you need?