Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

What a great two days! Yesterday, we were pretty much non-stop after about 1 p.m.- to my dad's for a few hours, to church forcandlelight services, and then to lori's mom's until 10 or so. Then, it was home for baths & santa notes and whatnot. It was really neat to see Taylor because he definitely grasps the whole idea this year, even more than last year. This morning we were up at 7:30, which is actually kind of late- I remember getting up at 6 when I was little, but we're a bunch of kids who love sleep! Everyone got exactly what they wanted from Santa, and then we opened presents from each other. After two months of anticipation, it was over in about thirty minutes! I got my laptop, and Hailee got a cute little one as well. We ate our tradtional big Christmas morning breakfast, complete with cinnamon rolls and bacon (YUM!). After that, we all cleaned up the wrappping paper and torn boxes and settled in. Hailee and I set up our laptops and after like two hours, I finally got internet working for both of them. Unfortunately, I then enabled security, and hers will no longer identify the network- I think her firewall is blocking. Anywho, we'll have to fix that tomorrow. The rest of the day we spent laying around. We had dinner with my sisters and Mimi and then they left, and I've been exploring my computer for awhile. You would have thought I've never seen the Internet before! It's been a great, lazy day, with everyone just doing what they want. Everyone pitched in for breakfast and dinner cleanup and, surprisingly, no one's room is a pile of toys. We all cleaned! I was really excited for my best friend's present, which we were supposed to exchange this afternoon or tonight, but due to her other engagements, we'll have to put that off, on account of it's too late now. Oh well, I don't look like I need to see anyone anyway lol. I've got curly hair, but it's been soooo long since I scrunched and my hair has grown so much that it's mostly just waves. Also, I have no makeup and a nasty mark on my forehead that I suspect is a burn from the straightener. The things girls do! Anyway, I swear I'm about to tear myself away from the computer for a hot bath and then BED. I'm tired and am supposed to go shopping tomorrow. Oh, that crowd...I'm gonna get some jeans for Gatlinburg though!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

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