Monday, December 15, 2008

it's monday.

Only 10 days until Christmas! Yay. I get paid Tuesday ($10 of which will be dedicated to buying my boss a present. And I didn't get a choice. I mean really, what if I didn't want to buy her a present?) which means I'll finish shopping, probably using up my whole check lol. I totally understand now why adults get so stressed abotu Christmas. But I really am stoked about it and the youth retreat right after. The past two years, my best friend has accompanied me to Gatlinburg. It's a little sad that she won't be on my last retreat, which is to Gatlinburg, but I think it's going to be fun. That's something I never thought I'd miss- we've taken so many retreats and trips that I just always figured another one would be coming. But since I am not going on the summer trip, due to college and work and just really not knowing if I can- this is my last. And it's bittersweet.

I'm attempting to write some more copy for the opening, but I think writing that paper yesterday emptied all my good ideas out of my head. It's kind of just a Not appropriate. Ms. Apodaca's Christmas music that's on repeat is not helping the situation. She actually left to go to Books-A-Million and left it playing, like we wanted to hear it. I've been typing and reading and so on and I just looked up and realized the office is totally empty- no Gracie or Mrs. Camichael or said Apodaca or anyone else. I have no clue where they went lol. I also noticed that my haystacks Cal made me are all gone. Where did they go ?! (I think I ate them all. Whoops..)

Then they came back and I discovered Grace is singing "Buffalo Gals" and said Apodaca was reading a Brides magazine. Lord, help me! Mrs. Camichael is calling her wedding a show and saying if we're all invited, we have to go to see. I quote, "What's there to be scared of? We'll just sit on the back row and laugh."

And I laughed.

I should get back to my copy. I should make it good. Wish I knew how.

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