Friday, December 12, 2008

Things on my mind:

  • my conversation with someone last night
  • second semester and what i'm gonna do. if you have any suggestions, let me know.
  • my boots are too big. but i like them anyway.
  • i think this bracelet is tabitha's. oops.
  • wish my hair looked as good as it did yesterday. good thing my bff is coming third block and she can help.
  • i'm going christmas shopping tonight!! hopefully, I'll finish.
  • i think I'm gonna start on my paper tonight. I really don't want to wait until Sunday.
  • yay! mrs. c is back and we're not left here with crazy!
  • i hope i look cute. i need to, today.
  • i hope lori doesn't notice her boots are gone before I put them back.
  • i can't wait to see hailee's picture.
  • I can't wait for christmas!
  • the cookies aren't very good but me and grace don't have the balls to say so.
  • what's his face was sitting in the library, staring at me and giving me hateful looks. i don't care. what I said was true, you asshat. i dare you to touch my boob again.
  • what if this works out?!
  • God really does answer prayers. You just have to listen, believe, and do what He says. Really.
  • I really wanna go to BSC. They sent me a Christmas card!
  • I just ran an errand I shouldn't have run.
  • I have a party on Tuesday.
  • I have to work tomorrow :( but then I'm going to Christmas City with my sisters :)
  • I wasn't thinking that. Okay, I kind of was. But I stopped.
  • It aggravate me and makes me feel loved at the same time when my bff reads me mind. hears my thoughts.
  • i'm not getting any hopes up!
  • it's hard not to get your hopes up.
  • found my purple ring.
  • like being called, "that hot girl in the purple shirt." as long as it's not anyone i know calling me that. that's weird I know.
  • lasagna for lunch!!
  • wrote some of the opening!
  • must stop. this is going to be a long blog. i'm gong to lose my readers.
  • do i have any readers?

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